Posted 3 weeks ago
Don’t be cheap with your money for others, your dreams for yourself, and your love to the world.
Posted 1 month ago
Just waiting for society to start using the term: healthy social media life.
Posted 3 months ago
The secret is to give no importance to being right, only to being true.
Posted 4 months ago
We are all perpetually falling. Be kind to one another.
Posted 5 months ago
When a movie’s frames infuse into the audience’s mind and become their own personal memories…this is the real dream a filmmaker chases.
Posted 5 months ago
Keep the Hustle like it’s overtime, keep the Mental like the game has just begun.
Posted 5 months ago
Give yourself enough room to make a mistake, but not enough room to change your mind.
Rolla Selbak
Posted 6 months ago
Playin’ with minds will get you state time; Locked behind 12 bars from a great mind.
Method Man
Posted 6 months ago
Realize that Lightness and Darkness are both a necessity of life. Our only job then is to suspend judgement, and choose a side.
Posted 6 months ago


Orange is the New Black Cast as Ghosts!

The terrific humorist and cartoonist Doogie Horner, who wrote last year’s hit Everything Explained Through Flowcharts, has a new book out called 100 Ghosts, which consists of drawings of well-known people and characters depicted as cartoony ghosts. Doogie emailed me and offered to draw some exclusive ghosts for Boing Boing. I suggested Orange is the New Black. It turns out that Doogie loves the show as much as I do, and he drew 12 of the characters from the show as ghosts (13 if you count Little Boo). He did a fantastic job! Check out all of Doogie’s OITNB ghosts below.

these are fricking amazing !!