Posted 3 months ago
In life, do your own stunts.
Posted 4 months ago
Simplicity is always in style.
Posted 6 months ago
Don’t be cheap with your money for others, your dreams for yourself, and your love to the world.
Posted 6 months ago
Just waiting for society to start using the term: healthy social media life.
Posted 8 months ago
The secret is to give no importance to being right, only to being true.
Posted 9 months ago
We are all perpetually falling. Be kind to one another.
Posted 10 months ago
When a movie’s frames infuse into the audience’s mind and become their own personal memories…this is the real dream a filmmaker chases.
Posted 11 months ago
Keep the Hustle like it’s overtime, keep the Mental like the game has just begun.
Posted 11 months ago
Give yourself enough room to make a mistake, but not enough room to change your mind.
Rolla Selbak
Posted 11 months ago
Playin’ with minds will get you state time; Locked behind 12 bars from a great mind.
Method Man